About Fiberdesign

Fiberdesign is located in the old harbour of Deventer (The Netherlands) and was founded in 2007 by René Reinhart. After 20 years of fulfilling several different posts in engineering, as a precision mechanic in the semiconductor industry and as a product developer at a fiber optical spectrometer manufacturer, René thought in 2007 it was about time to combine his knowledge of mechanics and optics in order to develop high-grade measuring instruments.


Fiberdesign is the expert for fiber optical measuring instruments and accessories. What can you expect from us? Customized and innovative solutions and good alternatives to existing products, without processes getting more complex.

Innovation and creativity, that is what we stand for.

By monitoring and observing these core values we try to reach our objectives. Fiberdesign would like to remain a significant player on the domestic and global market in her field, anticipating new insights, techniques and possibilities, we strive to realize set goals in close cooperation with our customers.




Fiberdesign now and in the future focuses on customers operating in all sectors of industry and science from small, medium-sized to large organizations.

A significant part of the turnover is realised in various sectors like automotive, aerospace, offshore, nuclear, chemical, medical, colorimetric, vacuum, food and education. Product development and production of our instruments is done completely in-house.

Although the variety and complexity increases rather than decreases, the field of work of the organization in the market remains the same. Customers have more choices which makes it more difficult to make the right choice. Fiberdesign helps to redirect complexity to simplicity. By constant knowledge sharing with our suppliers and customers, we often have the possibility to offer the right solution.

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